Saturday, June 9, 2007


Whoo! Basic drum tracks are done for the 22 songs we're doing this session. Most of the bass as well, and Andrew is slicing away at guitars right now. My brain is a little scrambled from thinkin drum for all these days, but its worth it having the glowing feeling of accomplishment. As usual I hear dozens of blemishes on every track. It's ok though....most of it would only be questionable to a very anal drummer, or critique-er. We tend to try to get as much as possible of the whole band playing together, even with some human err intact. So, we tend to end up with alot of 'human' moments on the rhythm tracks. Also, it's amazing what you can do with Protools these days, moving errant kicks or snares around to wherever you like. I remember making my first major label record in 1993 (or 92?), when the only way to edit or combine takes was to slice up the 2-inch magnetic tape with an exacto blade and hope you werent destroying the whole track. We had an engineer who was really fast, so he could do a tape edit in about an hour. Now you can point and click and drag and drop and cut and paste and fade in as many seconds. I love computers, even if they still can't mow my lawn.


Stef said...

good record. i think i like dayglo a little better, though.

Tobyn said...

Sadly I have not heard much Love Battery. They're on my list, though!