Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oslo is in Norway...I ran here.

Let's's the middle of the night in Oslo, and I should be trying to sleep.  But Frick it, lobby call's not till 1:00 tomorrow, and I can't sleep.  Been working on a couple little posts for over at my band blog, but it's down at the moment.  I swear I will be changing web people soon. 

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Glasgow run

slept in till around 11 today, then ran along the Clyde. Man, it was freaking hard...I felt like weeping after about 35 minutes. I'm going to credit myself with 4 miles, but that's pretty usual, more at our pusablog on our main site.

The River Clyde, as you can imagine, has a lot of bridges. Go figure. I did a nice little back and forth pattern as I headed East, then South from our city centre hotel.

Saw some cool stuff, like this arch, and generally enjoyed the juxtaposition of very old, and not so much old all along the streets....

50 mile challenge is gonna need a miracle now! Still, It's nice whenever one gets some physical activity in on tour. As Bon Scott said: "getting had, getting took, I'll tell you folks, it's harder than it looks! It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll".

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bristol run....

I'm not doing so well on the 50 mile challenge....but am chipping away 5 in the other day in Bristol...what's my total? I've lost track......20? a little less?

more ROCK oriented blogging is as always available over at our main site

lots of cool stuff to look at on a run through central Bristol.....much more interesting than running around my neighborhood all the time.....

this guy is named Colton, and he has his own square......(bonus fact: Theres a venue on this square that was host to fricking JETHRO TULL the same night as our gig).
memorial for WWI and WWII, in same square...
a little piece of the old town wall.....
University......well built for students who want to learn the classics, while still feeling secure in the event of a siege....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Up again!

Ok, I'm going to resurrect this sucker to work as a supplement to our main site blog.  Even more minutia, more pictures, there.

Utrecht...running around and stuff.

Great town, here's some pictures I took running around yesterday morning.  A (slightly) more complete discussion of our gig there is on the PUSABLOG on our main site.

I saw a windmill right in the city center!

Awww, that's su
per Dutch.

Then i saw this house and had to take a picture just because it will make our friend Matt Dresdner really really MAD.  This is basically his dream house, except for the being in Holland part and the being on a canal part.  We like to geek out on DWELL magazine and get mad about all the cool modern homes.  GRRR.
Then I saw a really big church.  This is the tallest church in Holland, I was told.  I believe everything I hear.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I'm a little puffy this morning. Waking up here in grey cold rainy Portland, Ore.
Last night we played one of our favorite places, the Crystal Ballroom. We're here about once a year, so its a very familiar day, star to finish. But there was something different about this one. It was a sponsored event. By a cigarette company.

Very strange and fascinating, the sneaky things they do instead of actual advertising, which I think is largely off limits to them nowadays..for instance, on the Crystal calendar our show was listed, but with no mention of the sponsor....I'm not going to say who they were, it rhymes with 'Bamel'.....but at the bottom of the ad in tiny print the entire venue is proclaimed 'a smoking venue' for the evening.

They weren't kidding either....

these signs were everywhere. I think they should have added STRICTLY ENFORCED at the bottom instead of the smiley face. No, I take that back, it's an excellent smiley face.

Lets see....someone tripped one the fire alarms, and hilarity ensued as the air raid siren wailed away for 10 minutes. I got a free lighter and two packs of ------ (rhymes with Lamb-el) 'mellow' brand smokes for our merch dude, and all I had to do was get my id swiped into a Big Brother looking handheld device, and provide some fake phone and email info. It was pointed out to me that they do now have my address from the id though. Drat! And here's an actual picture of Chris working on the actual setlist of actual songs . We played Sharpen Up those Fangs for the first time, and it felt great. Two other new ones too, I would guess we'll be working in 3 or so New-ees every show from now until TATGTP drops in March. I said 'drops'. I'm whack! And a shot of Andrew from the end of the night, standing outside our hotel rooms. I wonder what is in his hand?

Going to have tacos before going home!

Monday, October 29, 2007

possible future blogging opportunities

It's been a nice little break from my hectic blogging schedule. Time to get back on the pony.

I spent several days on the East coast last week. Ate lots of amazing food, and saw a huge vehicle get blasted into space. Cool, man. That post will be next, for now all I've got is the slightly different route I ran this morning....just starting from Presse, instead of my house. I know, more groundbreaking behavior.

I must run now, so as to get to Jupiter for the LAST MIXING DAY of the record. Yeah! Martin is going to remix Sharpen Up Those Fangs, because we added horns to it the other day. That's a whole nother post, also coming soon.