Monday, October 29, 2007

possible future blogging opportunities

It's been a nice little break from my hectic blogging schedule. Time to get back on the pony.

I spent several days on the East coast last week. Ate lots of amazing food, and saw a huge vehicle get blasted into space. Cool, man. That post will be next, for now all I've got is the slightly different route I ran this morning....just starting from Presse, instead of my house. I know, more groundbreaking behavior.

I must run now, so as to get to Jupiter for the LAST MIXING DAY of the record. Yeah! Martin is going to remix Sharpen Up Those Fangs, because we added horns to it the other day. That's a whole nother post, also coming soon.


Stef said...

you ran right past my house yesterday.

mike said...

So I bop over here from the PUSA site...and I'm damn glad I did. That USATF site is sweet! I usually draw my own routes using Google Pedometer, but it's great to be able to check out other people's favorites. Thanks, Dr. Finn...

Zeke said...

I'd lose my mind on such city. :)

Here is route from my home to work: