Thursday, October 11, 2007

press (done at Presse!)

Here's an email interview I just finished for the digital music seller Amiestreet. Thrilling reading.

Amiestreet interview version 1.0

So this is somewhat scripted but feel free to play with it. I'd love to make this a bit more organic but I wanted to make sure we cover some of the points and silliness below! Either way thank you for taking the time out to give us some words. God bless America.

I'm all about points and sillyness. And America!

So what's new for the Presidents? You guys obviously have more laurels to rest on than most but after breaking up and then getting back together again in 2004 there's obviously a purpose.

Well, we'd been working pretty steady since our Last album Love Everybody came out in late 2004. So, we had specific plans to take 2007 off as much as possible. I don't know whether any laurels were involved, but we did indeed manage to get through the last 10 months only playing a couple of shows. Yay us. It's nice to have some time to re-stoke the fires of inspiration! Extra important because next year will see us unleashing the New Album we've been working on all summer.

I know we're putting up 2 albums including the ridiculously popular multi-platinum self titled debut but isn't there something interesting about that first album other than just how much it sold (ownership is now back in the hands of band?)

Yeah, we got the masters back from Columbia in 2003 or so. I don't know if that's interesting though. Interesting would be something like the fact that one night at the Fillmore in SF many years ago, Sammy Hagar told me I had a LIFETIME INVITATION to CABO WABO. Awesome! Less awesome but also interesting: at the next table was Mere Winningham, of St. Elmo's Fire fame.

But yes, we do own the record.

So when fans buy the music on amiestreet they're supporting you directly like many of the artists on the site?

Sure, in the sense that the only 'label' that is a middleman in this case is PUSA MUSIC. I use the quotes because PUSA MUSIC consists of our manager and a phone line (that's why we're doing our New Album with a real label).

Awesome, that makes the consumer impulse I'm having right now to buy every single one of the songs so much more wholesome. So I understand that during the hiatus many an interesting side project was started, including something involving.... sir mix-a-lot?

buy! buy!

You are referring to SUBSET, which was the three of us with Mr. A-Lot, and another rapper named Outtasite. We did maybe a dozen gigs around the Northwest, ad a quickie trip down the West Coast some years ago. Super fun! Mix is an amazing performer, Chris really enjoyed being able to share lead vocal duties, and play funky funky bass. Unfortunately our brief attempt at getting the 'magic' on tape (tape being a quaint substance people used to preserve sounds onto) didn't get finished before it ended. I'm told there songs out there on the internet from the sessions. A determined hunter should be able to find and 'share' them.

When and where can I see the Mix-a-lot colab performed live. Seriously, tell me now.

Every time I see Mix there is loose talk about doing another gig. For now though, your best bet is Time Machine. Check any bookstore, under "H G Wells".

Have you guys had even two seconds to get away from being crazy rockstars that jump around alot to look at amiestreet? Is it not perfect in its austere majesty? Do you relish the challenge of having to climb the price ladder just like everyone else here does?

Dude, rock star is 2 words. Don't you know anything? Actually I think 'a lot' is too.

And oh my god I am obsessed with climbing the price ladder....even though I'm not sure what that means.

And for my final three questions a jarring challenge for each member of the band that lacks any semblance of continuity... Please list:

1. First song an amiestreet member unfamiliar with your catalog should check out (we'll actually link the songs you mention when the interview is on the frontpage)

Highway Forever (Love Everybody) a country bumpkin burner that we still play live a lot, sometimes with invisible harmonica!
2. An item that you bring on tour to make the road more bearable

Sleep mask, with a backup sleep mask in case you lose your sleep mask.

3. Something people aren't paying attention to but need to....

The little yard-y area on my back deck is getting really messy and weedy. Who's supposed to be paying attention to that?

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