Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Sometimes I hit little walls in the studio, where a part or a beat , or maybe just a little fill goes from being routine to being impossible for no good reason.

Just happened an hour ago...(edit: finishing this post at the end of the night, many hours later)

We were working on our 2nd track of the day. It's a tune called What The Hell, that Chris and I have played for a LONG time, originally in our "rap/rock supergroup" Subset (that was a band we had with Sir Mix-Alot some years ago...I'll tell ribald stories about that someday soon). Anyways, we'd demo'd it 7 or 8 times in rehearsals last month, so my thought was that no matter which of the various feels we ended up going with It'd be chop chop, a couple run throughs and drums done.

not so much. I had a little hiccup on a transition that features a long fill....no problem, run it again and we'll naill it. Except the next time's worse. Ok, same spot..2...3..4.. fuck. Ditto next one, ditto next one...after about 5 attempts from the same spot, I needed a little 'time out'. everyone was very understanding, and moved away towards the control area of the room, while I sat at the kit and took a bunch of deep breaths and swore quietly to myself. I toyed with the idea of stepping outside and hurling my sticks across 15th ave NW. Luckily, just the thought was amusing enough to have the same cathartic effect as the action would have, so I got to look mature and save 6 bucks at the same time. Sticks are not cheap, people.. Of course, we nailed it next try.

And....we've tracked 5 tunes today, so the train stayed on the tracks, although my noggin is fried now, and as Andrew says: "music-ed out".

Chris is doing lead vox.....jumping around like a.....i dunno...jumping bean?

I'm going home...


Ben said...

Everybody hits a wall sometimes.. Even golden gods like yourself!

Are there any subset songs knocking around that could be downloaded, seeing as the album never came out?
Really digging "we can't stop us" and "addicted to the fame" but only found crappy chopped off versions of those..

Caroline said...

im sorry screw all this new album talk...you made SCONES?! did you include some dried fruit?