Sunday, June 3, 2007

And we're off! I am impressed.

I just spent about 20 minutes at the computer, tops... and I now am the proud father of my very own blog, complete with a flickr account so I can show you all pictures, like this one of my couch. I cannot promise that any of the pictures here will be more interesting than that, but I hope so.

Wait, I take that back! There will be tons of fascinating photos and video footage coming nonstop soon. You see, a quick trip to a large electronics retailer yielded a brand new Digital Video Camcorder (those three words were capitalized on the box, which I consider bad grammar, but whatever. Maybe they were just Excited Like Me).


I'm blogging in order to document for you, the universe, the making of a record by my band, The Presidents of the United States of America (henceforth PUSA since it is a huge pain in the ass to type that all out). Perhaps you have heard of us....maybe not. That's ok. Maybe we are your favorite, or were your older sister's favorite in high school, or maybe the very mention of us makes your blood boil with indignation. All also ok. More likely somewhere in the middle, we're hoping. In any case, welcome and no charge for the wealth of insight into the mysteries of life and the recording process you should find here. Actually, the whole shebang may turn into a personal soapbox anyway. Dunno.

Boy it sure is easy to go on and on once ya get accident that blog rhymes with blah. Also similar to blather. Weird.


Tomorrow is day 1. Very excited, and a little nervous. I've been laying low for several nights in order to feel tip top when we start the session. So tonight I was feeling a little antsy. What did I do? This may seem cliche, and you may roll your eyes at this classic rock n roll solution to cabin fever. That's right, I made scones. And it got very messy. The fellows are in for a treat when they show up tomorrow! It is customary for the drummer to show up at least an hour or two before the rest of a group on the first day of recording, owing to the massive, crushingly anal setup required. So, I'll have plenty of time to nestle the scones into a 'welcome' basket of pouporri (that last part was not true, just the scones). I am not going to bother with looking for a correct spelling of pouporri, since I expect that was the last time I will ever type that word.

Motley Crue, eat your hesher hearts out.

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Stef said...

oh man. jason finn on the internet! with a camcorder, of all things. what next??

so what kind of camcorder did you get? sony? panasonic?? PLEASE say it's a miniDV. miniDV = the BOMB.

you DO know i sell those things, right?? it's true... i'm officially more of a video nerd than before. yay.