Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Enjoying some homework

ahhhhh...wotta night. The start was not promising. As my bloodsugar was plummeting around 7:00, I thought I would hop around the corner to my newest local pub, SMITH. They have some fancy way of doing french fries that I want to check out! dumb dumb every other night since they opened it was like Mardi Gras in there, jammed butts to nuts and spilling out onto the sidewalk...arrggh. I won't tell you where I ended up dining. It's a little embarrassing..although I did get some shopping done at the same time.

Had a drink afterwards at Poco, a little winebar near home...ran into Steve Severin, one of Neumo's owners and Booking Dude around town. Briefly discussed the drama over an article in this weeks Stranger that features him. I'm not up to speed on it, but it sounds juicy so after this I'll be heading over to the SLOG to read up!

which brings us up to right now...

I'm on my deck enjoying a beautiful Chateu....chatue....chautue...nuef...nuff....des Pape?

enjoying a glass of wine.

it's gorgeous. Not my view of the crack building across the alley but the evening air. ahhhh...wotta night indeed.


listening to some TFH on my cool little ipod/radio playing thing. For anyone who doesnt know....this is The Feelings Hijackers, my singer Chris's other band. They are doing a record release gig this Friday at the Hi Dive in Seattle's historic Fremont neighborhood. It's a duo, singin and rappin over tracks. BUT they have asked me to play drums on 6-8 songs to mark the specialness of the occasion. A little nerve-wracking, since they have a strict no-practice rule. "save it for the show" they say. Fine if you are a rapper or singer who has heard the tunes a hundred times making the record...for us 'hired guns' a run through of some sort would be appreciated! oh well, just gonna let my musical genius carry the mail on this one.

As it turns out it's perfect music for this warm mellow night on the deck....I am going to say goodnight and try to listen for a bit without the learn the tune part of my brain, just the summer wine night part...shouldnt be too tough.

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whatajoy76 said...

At the risk of embarrassing myself, I personally love grabbing dinner at those little health store deli places. 'Fact, I do it almost every Sunday. Sushi for me and the kids get their pick but, usually opt for the Mongolian grill area.
And as a side note, I am anxiously awaiting, with baited breath even, an update on how the show went. My breath is so baited, that I think my lips are turning blue.