Saturday, June 16, 2007

robot picture included

Well, apparently blogging is like playing music, or painting, or mowing the lawn: it doesn't up and do itself. Nor do I yet have my own robot to help around the house, or post for me when I blow it off for a couple days. So, I'm making a little mini commitment to myself to add to this little enterprise daily for the near future. Like a week or so. It'll be a nice little exercise in discipline and focus, although anyone who knows me would say I'm loaded with both those qualities.
or not.

There may be some retooling of the premise, though...not enuff pusa to go around...I may be digressing into personal rant and rave land. Might retitle it too...hmmm FINNLOG.....FLOG....FNOG FINNOG ....

Really Good Lyric of the day:

I heard you're back on your feet
I'm really glad to hear it
You're in the driver's seat
And you can barely steer it

Brendan Benson, THEM and ME .... The Alternative to Love

dude has some hella prose chops.

I can't seem to turn off the italics, or the bold...I don't feel that strongly about this sentence. Shoot. I'm done anyway i guess


Stef said...

to use italics, you highlight what you want italicized and hit the little "i" icon on the top of the entry box... if you just click the icon (without highlighting), everything you type after that will be in italics until you click it again to turn it off. if you want to un-italicize something that has been italicized, highlight the italicized text and hit the "i" icon. same rules apply to bold.

*the more you know*

Finn said...

um...thanks steph. I am not a total dumbass. I swear my italics button was broken, or acting funny. That's my story, you Punker!