Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sharpen up yer fangz

Really cool thing happened right at the end of basic tracking, earlier today...

We had just finished the drum track for a tune called unstoppable female. A sorta old tune that CB wrote on a tour bus while we were touring behind "II" in about '97. Now, it's not that anybody was disliking the tune, but there's a reason it was last of twentysome-odd songs to be tracked. The material that folks are more excited about tends get 'got to' sooner than lesser, just like in Life, Man. Anyway.....actually the track track ended up sounding really good, surprising me a little even. But: personally I wasn't having any particular euphoric feeling from being done with a stressful part of making an album. I walked away from my kit, back to the control area to check my performance out. So far so good...I strolled back over to the play area, and CB says something like 'indulge me for a minute, and play along with this'. He played a very simple 3 chord groove, with no 2nd part or changes...Andrew and I comped along....

....and oh my god.......out of Chris' mouth came one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. We ran through it one more time in a better key for the instruments and there she is: Sharpen Up Yer Fangs...the lyrics are SO COOL....poignant, witty but a little sad....great groovy feel......I had goosebumps for at least 30 minutes, and later while on my (almost) daily run I got all choked up listening to it, rough and all.

a sampling:

he's the boy with the messy mind
it's hard to find
the time to clear it

he's the boy with the broken brain
not insane
but never happy
sharpen up those fangs
not insane
but never happy

It is amazing how often the tunes that end up being the essence of a record show up last, or unlooked for.


Cameron said...

Sounds good cant wait for the album!

Insane Ian & Wes K said...

ah, man! I can't wait to hear that has half my name in it!!!

-Insane Ian

Stef said...

you tease.

Tobyn said...


Zeke said...

If it ain't on youtube, it didn't happen.