Monday, June 25, 2007

I Swear By All That Is Holy That I Am Never Drinking Again As Long As I Live

So it turns out that what I meant by making a commitment to regular posting for a week or so IN FACT meant that I would be waiting week or so before posting again. Just clarifying that. OK.

I will lay as much of the blame for the breakdown of the "mini commitment" as I can squarely at the feet of the following establishments, who (whom?) all had their opening parties last week:

Cafe Presse (mon night, early eve)
Smith (mon night, late eve)
Via Tribunali II, Queen Anne location (wed)

Here's the alarming thing..the really distressing, scary thing: I probably had no more than four or five glasses of wine on any one of those nights....At no moment anytime during those nights would I have described myself as 'loaded'. And yet here I am days later, lip quivering like a little lost cub scout, moaning about my toxicity (update: feeling better, reroactive to about Sunday). Comes a time, I guess, that one must face up to the reality that one has possibly become a lightweight, a 'cheap date', a creampuff.....a bad partier.

oh, and there was also Friday night, where after watching the Mariners get drubbed I went bouncing around Capitol Hill bars until 4 in the morning...maybe that had something to do with my general feeling of malaise...

I just found this cool text size tool. I am really getting the hang of this!


Sal said...


Stef said...

i bet it was all those "cleanses". see what happens when you do good things for your body??

iamcaroline said...

a creampuff? thats a new one to me...jeez i'd HATE to be old ;)