Monday, June 4, 2007

Day One: Hearting Davey B.

1:00, and no noise has been made yet. We have spent the morning moving slowly. No; moving methodically. I got here about 11:00, an hour or so behind Davey, my tech, who has spent the morning fine tuning my main kit and a couple others for variety. As a drum tuner, he is a genius. It would take me much much longer, and sound much much less kick-ass if I was to tune them myself. I have battled over 20+ years to a workmanlike, very ordinary tuning ability. But folks like Davey just have an instinct that amazes me as it pisses me the f-- off. I should mention also that he is not really my tech. I wish I was BIGTIME enough to have a tech, like Ringo or the dude from Tool. Davey is one of the people we hire to roadie, or "stage manage" when there's gigs. He is however, the only drummer amongst them, and as stated a pro's pro with my shit. I heart Davey. Awwww.

Chris has been running around with the camcorder already, could be QUALITY CINEMA someday.

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