Friday, August 3, 2007

Totally pro percussion(ist)

Check out this mish mash kit I was using for our acoustic session earlier this week (I'm also using this as an oportunity to learn how to hot link a picture, so try clicking on it, to see a larger image). Note the little wooden block propping up the silver and red drum on it's stand. Nothing sketchy about that as long as you're not planning on striking it more than once or twice. In this case we'd set it up to augment the main kit for a short drum solo that was (for about 15 minutes) to be part of the arrangement for a tune called More Bad Times. Fortunately it was decided that, like most drum solos, it was more funny than good, and was 'edited'. Now, there are lots of great drum this one...Jon Bonham...The Greatest....I mean, along with Ichiro.

Onward! Did I mention how Pro I am? Only a Pro would tape together two tamborines, for that extra tamboreeny tone! Nestled onto the couch cushion no less, to be struck with stick or palm. But that's not even the most Pro thing. The Most Pro Thing is below: The Pro Cowbell Thing. Again, nestled onto the couch cushion, this time because it was too freaking loud unmuffled. But how do you keep it from slipping off the cushion! Duct tape, baby! Obviously Pro Percussion is alike with every other segment of Human Endeavor in that it would be impossible without duct tape. Remember Apollo 13!

This is also a good spot to reference the Christopher Walken more cowbell skit. So let's all do that. Silently.

Ok...out of time, I'd like to dash off a Big Finish to this post, but must run.

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