Thursday, August 30, 2007

Go M's, Go Pixies

So yesterday I had a vague notion of busting out Download Recap pt 2. It was not to be, since I fried my brain at Mariners game. As it turns out, I would have been better served going to the beach. We got killed. On the one hand, it was a bummer to watch the massive suckfest that was this very important series (I went Tue night also). However, it must be remembered that it's been years since there has been an important series in late August to suck in. Our Boys in Blue have been in it all summer, and it's been awesome.....I am trying to keep sight of how much fun I've had listening/watching/going to games this season. So there..

See how fun it was? My friend Jackie begged for me to destroy this photo. Suck it, Jackie! was a million degrees(a couple beers in the mix too), and by the end of the game I was too brain damaged to consider any typing activity. Which was just as well, since I remembered at the last minute that I had to go play Pixies songs! Thats right, I play with a Pixies Tribute band called No. 13 Baby......we havent played for a couple years because A) The fricken Pixies got back together, and B) our singer moved to Atlanta. BUT since they seem to all hate each other again (weird!) and our boy Jeff is visiting, we're doing one more gig. It's weeks away and I thought rehearsing this early was nuts. Whoops! I forgot that most Pixies songs are really fucking hard. Well, that might be overstating it, they tend to have alot of off-time weird little bits that you thought you would remember that you don't, and arrangement quirks that need to be re-learned. Plus, as mentioned I was a little brain drained anyway, so I did very little to distinguish myself musically at this practice. I'll get 'em next time!


iamcaroline said...

monkey gone to heaven was my underage drinking song..used to drink in a pub in the middle of no where in ireland called Battys which we called the bat cave..bands used to play in the steel shed out the back and it had couches in it...found my first boyfriend there..and once puked and slept on a bench...aww memories

a pixes tribute eh? have you have all your fingers in the pie, mr finn?

Jason Finn said...

that is sooo romantic!

I've puked and slept on a bench too, just never in Ireland.

Catleah said...