Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back that thing up!

Monday night was Biscuit night.

I ordered a ridiculous amount of these special biscuits from this company that my friend Von pointed out in a magazine. I should point out that she was on day 5 or so of the Master Cleanse, and had brought a cooking magazine to the beach with her. I couldn't tell whether she was extra nuts that day or just showing off. Anyway there they were....4 kinds! Easy online ordering was promised at the end of the article, and thus Biscuit Night was conceived.

They were tiny, barely 2 inches square, and weighed about a pound apiece. very deceptive. The consensus was that the traditional buttermilk (with butter and preserves of course) was the best, but the heavier savory types (cheese, ham) were good too...fricking huge meal, especially after adding the fried chicken and mashed potatoes into the mix (there was salad too, in a last minute nod to the nutrition authorities). THEN dessert....

strawberry ice cream, scooped onto more biscuits...the secret weapon flavor: cinnamon. mmmm...

I just realized I don't have access to pictures from biscuit night, except for one I took with my phone while prepping, before anyone showed up: noteworthy because the scoops of butter look like an ass! Sorry.

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