Wednesday, August 1, 2007

more songs, tacos

personally, I'm still really happy about Ichiro's contract extension. And as anyone who occasions to look at my various screensavers knows, I get endless enjoyment from gazing at him.


not everyone agrees with me on this. So...I am going to press on, even if it means Ichiro gets knocked off the top.


Monday and Tuesday this week PUSA was back in Chroma taking an acoustic whack at a couple of songs that for whatever reason didnt quite Raise The Roof at our sessions last month. I was particularly excited by how a little number called Scrappy Puppy turned out. it was a favorite of mine while we were demo-ing in our practice room.

Sample lyric:

eyes drippin all brown and runny
get distracted by the smell of a bunny
small puppy.....wish he had some money
too take a taxi home

what's not to love, right?

anyways, we didn't nail it last month, and I had despaired of it's ever rearing it's puppy head. There is a groovy drony trippy element that is delicate and and has been tough to capture. In fact while the "tape" was rolling* i was pretty sure we still werent going to be able to use the stuff. Lo and Behold! I believe we captured a really nice vibe. I even got some footage with my phone of our musical genius unfolding! I'll see if I can put it up, I have yet to try any video here....

I'll tell some fascinating stories about my percussion skills tmorrow.

I should mention to that on our lunch break yesterday I snuck out for lunch with a friend at the taco place next to the Sunset.


*no actual tape has been been harmed making this record. We've been beating the shit out of a couple hard drives, though.


Stef said...

those tacos look delicious.

curious to see how scrappy puppy has changed, as well as whatever else you guys put an acoustic twist to...

Tobyn said...

Hooray for acoustic stuff! VERY much looking forward to hearing it!

Tobyn said...

Also, I, too, am very happy about Ichiro's contract extension! I wanted to give him a hug when I heard about it; baseball in Seattle just wouldn't be nearly as fun without him.

Sawadee said...

Well. Lovely. Just lovely.

As another great Seattleite once said, "Karrang! Tweedly-tweedly-tweedly. Boosh!"

iamcaroline said...

i had really good mexican a couple of weeks ago in dublin but they ruined my vokda buzz...i was so full that after spending €50 on vokda I went home sulking at 1am sober and alone...sucky

ps: yeah for PUSA acoustic!