Monday, August 13, 2007

party house, where there was a party

Can your band fit their entire backline into the back of a Mini Cooper?


ok ok.....this is a very small version of our backline. A couple teeny acoustics with amps, and a new rig I bought the day before. The best toy drum kit that 85 bucks could buy, as far as I'm concerned....this thing is small. The kick drum is 13 inches (diameter, duh), and just to put it into perspective, that's an inch smaller than your average snare drum. I swapped out the ridiculously thin heads it came with for some 'real' ones, and it sounds great! Well, the tom and snare are great, the kick sounds like a tiny drum being hit with a pedal. It'll do though, because the idea is to come up with a rig that is really portable, for use when we do little acoustic performances, like for radio stations.

Oh my god, that's exactly what we did Friday! Why am I writing about this on Tuesday? Because I suck eggs!

sooo....we played all country versions of our stuff, and wore cowboy hats, and ate chicken wings, and drank beverages provided by a large beverage company, and generally had a good time. Stef took a bunch of pictures with my phone, for which I am extremely grateful, even though she kind of owed me for blowing it on the pic front at the TFH gig last month. Here is one. Note the very fine sense of composition and style.

afterwards I met some friends at a Mexican bar down the street and had 3 Mohitos, which made me feel I had been beaten severely about the head and neck with a baseball bat the next morning. Sugar and Liquor don't mix as nicely as they used to.


Stef said...

you're welcome, btw. your phone takes good photos. 3 megapixels is good for a phone. i'm in the process of looking for a new camera right now, i promise i'll be better prepared next time!!

iamcaroline said...

thats some might fine composition

Ryan said...

Hilariously tiny kit. Obviously chicks will perceive you're comfortable with your manhood.

whatajoy76 said...

Can I just say how much I really really really love that drum kit? I mean ... REALLY?! It's the greatest thing I have EVER seen. Maybe. Either way, it makes me smile!