Monday, September 10, 2007

I suck, Sounders suck

No, the Sounders don't suck...just me...

I seem to be getting worse and worse. Blogging is hard. Shoot, I thought I did a post just the other day, and here it is over a week...Well frick me runnin....I'm going to fire off great, insightful stuff all week. Starting tomorrow

Today, I just want to share some photos my dad took of my glorious kickoff moment with your Seattle Sounders last week.

First up: pre game beer w/dad at JImmy's On First, the recently-opened bar below that new hotel right across from the main entrance to Safeco field.

Safeco Field of course the BASEBALL field here in Seattle, not to be confused with Qwest Field, a block away, where they play FOOTBALL (Gridiron) and SOCCER (football). By the way, I think it would be awesome if Europeans all got together and decided to start calling American Football "Soccer". That'd show us! Might become moot, as NFL Europe is closing it's doors this year...


So I go to JImmy's not just to have a beer, but to jump on KJR for a few minutes with Mike "Gasman" Gastineau, who is broadcasting from there to hype the game, and also (this is a guess) because he has a bar tab there.
Gas is an amazing broadcaster, always super fun to shoot the sh*t with. I thought this would be an extra smooth appearance since I had spent some time formulating an anecdote or two from my soccer playing past (one hundred years ago). I'm cruising, the beer is cold, we're riffing.....and all of a sudden he is throwing hardball 'real' questions at me about the future of Soccer as a spectator sport in this country, followed by wanting my opinion on the political aspects of our city's current crises with our (soon to be gone) BASKETBALL team. I'm ashamed to say I
stumbled to the finish line of this segment. Or to use a sports analogy, I 'dropped the ball'.

I should mention I'll be back on KJR this Friday for The very worthy Groz With Gas-A-Thon.

off to the stadium, where there were 10,300 or so on hand for the big US Open Cup match...this was record-setting attendance for them, or #2 or something. In any case, all the Sounders office people I met before the game could not stop grinning.

Here I am at centerfield as the head ref is telling the Sounders office guy (blue shirt) to tell me to "GET ON WITH IT". You'd think he'd give me more props, considering the PA announcer had just called me a "Northwest musical icon".

"Excuse me, mr. matter what you do, 80% of this crowd is going to be howling for your blood by halftime, while I am a 'Northwest musical icon.' I'll kick the fricken thing when I'm good and ready!"

I want to make it clear that they only open up one side of the stadium for Sounders games, which is why it looks like the stands are completely empty. I swear. Also, somehow my dad managed to not gt a single player from either team in this shot, the Sounders forwards are about an inch to the left of the frame.

We lost, 2-1. BUT I got a picture with the guy who brings a bass drum to every game, and heads the cheering in the superfan section. This guy is amazing! I think he may have been drinking!


Keith said...

Finn - come on down any time. We're always looking to spell our lead drummers for an evening. :) BTW - I don't think the guy was drinking, I think that guy is only 17 (and one of the rowdiest in ECS).

Finn said...

sweet, I go to my share of games, I'd love to take a turn with the beater. I as admiring the songs and chants the other day...good job. Let's go heckle in Portland!

Keith said...

Tailgater, this Sunday (09/16/2007) starting around 4 pm @ Qwest field before the Sounders take on the Jailhawks. Come one, come all!

Finn said...

I like that!