Tuesday, September 4, 2007

go Sounders!

Sports stuff! The Seattle Sounders are in this tourney called the US Open Cup....it's like the EU cup in Europe, except tiny. Anyway your Sounders are in the Semi-Finals, having won four matches in a row, including 2 against MLS (1st division) sides. Here's the tournament bracket.

The semi match is against another MLS team, FC Dallas, tonight here in Seattle at Qwest Field...

and guess who is going to kick the ceremonial first ball?


I'm not sure how this works, probably alot like a first pitch at a baseball game. Pretty cool.

I'll also be dropping in on my dog the Gasman who is broadcasting from right beside the stadium. Thats 950am KJR, at 6:20.....

beautiful day for soccer, too....grey, rainy....fall is in the air, and I love it.


Stef said...

that sounds rad. i'm not really a sports gal, but i've always liked soccer... i used to play indoor. (we learn something new everyday, don't we??)

also, hello from FOUR BLOCKS AWAY!! mwahaha.

Zeke said...

I used to be really good in soccer, and going pro wasn't far away. I'm still kicking myself for quitting, and now i just keep remembering those glory days.(Bruce Springsteen reference anyone? :) I still play soccer during summer time , but thanks to short summer we have here in Finland. You can only play around 3-4months outdoors. (on grass field that is)