Monday, July 9, 2007

This Day in Photos

We're going to learn about embedding photos in a post tonight. Well, I am going to. Everyone else just relax and if there is a photo or two somewhere further down, give me a golf clap.

I started the day with a coffee at Liberty. Delicious. They have been doing the cafe thing days for a couple months. Everyone go there, because it's good coffee made by good people (except Doug. I hate Doug.).


drove down to Gasworks, my selection du jour as a run start point. Getting out of the car and on the road always takes a couple minutes...ipods, heart monitors, shoes, drink some water etc...anyway I'm noticing during all this that the helicopter noise I was hearing as I shut off the car not only isn't going away, it is now really loud. Stepping through the trees into the park proper there's the chopper, circling the whole place like cops in LA, except without the spotlight, and small arms fire. What the frick are they up too? This is when I notice that: a) the bird is circling tighter each time. b) it's focus is the big hill with the sundial on top (you know, the one people fly kites off of). c) this is because there are some dudes with shaved heads and dressed all in black jumping around at the top with guitars and crap. Holy shit! "big budget" ROCK VIDEO! Whoo! Then I notice the crew-y looking folks off in the distance, a director-y looking guy with a megaphone gesturing at the copter, while yelling (presumably) at the copter on his cell. I could only see the tops of the rock dudes from below, but they sure were rocking. Grrr...they were mad.
the the copter got so low I thought it was gonna land on the side of the hill. Check it out on the right side of the hill in my shitty camera pic. Unfortunately the rock dudes are hidden by the hilltop. I should have stayed and rocked with these dudes, but went a-runnin instead. Got back about an hour later (actually closer to 50 min, I'm trying to do 6 miles/day. I am huge) and as always when ending at Gasworks ran up that hill to stretch and check out Lake Union. The rock dudes were gone, but they left behind some
rocking clues that they had been there. I saw megaphone guy in the parking lot, he was yelling at (presumably) a different person now on his cell.

Later I had tacos.

They were delicious, too.

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salvatology said...

hot pixxx.. especially the tacos